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    Over 1190 people took this survey. Here are the results:

Approximately, how many Years have you been a Professional Bartender?

26.37% – 15 years or more.

23.09% – 5 to 9 years.

19.95% – 2 to 5 years.

Are your Customers drinking… (choose best answer)

53.01% – About the same.

27.60% – More expensive drinks compared to a year ago.

19.40% – Less expensive drinks compared to a year ago.


Bartender: What do you want to be called, or what should you be called?

63.44% – Bartender

12.41% – Mixologist

6.41% – Mistress of Mixology


Do you belong to the USBG (United States Bartender Guild)?

88.67% – NO, I am a Professional Bartender but NOT a member.

8.56% – Does not apply, I am NOT a professional bartender.

2.76% – YES, I am a USBG member.


Do you work in the Bar or On-Premise Industry?

67.53% – I AM a Professional Bartender

13.23% – Bar manager

6.28% – Bar Owner


How did you Find out about the website?

65.08% – BARTENDER Magazine (subscriber of printed media)

19.92% – Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)

7.23% – Word Of Mouth or Email Referral (friend or family)


Other than, what is your Primary Source for cocktail and brand information?

26.85% – Other bars/bartenders.

17.73% – Supplier/Distributor seminars/sell sheets/educational material.

17.30% – Customers


What are you Selling the most?

17.07% – Vodka

15.96% – Domestic Beer

8.91% – Light Beer


What are your favorite Promotional Items you need for your bar?

19.21% – Branded apparel (clothing).

15.67% – Glassware.

14.04% – Signange to dress up the bar/room.


What area do you currently reside in?

35.47% – USA – East Coast

25.38% – USA – Midwest Area

19.51% – USA – Southern States


What is Your Age Group?

33.97% – 30-30 years old.

24.69% – 40-49 years old.

22.51% – 24-29 years old.


What is Your Gender?

52.46% – Female

47.54% – Male


What is the Age Group that your establishment attracts more of?

48.91% – 31-41 years old.

26.37% – 21-30 years old.

20.08% – 42-40 years old.


What is the Most Requested Product with Coke that you serve?

31.15% – Captain Morgan

30.74% – Jack Daniels

16.53% – Rum


What is the biggest Influence on your Brand Recommendation for your Cocktails?

39.13% – Your personal experience with the brand as a consumer.

35,74% – What the Customer calls for.

10.50% – Education that you’ve received from a supplier or distributor.

What is your Main Reason for visiting now?

27.83% – Latest Bartending News

24.42% – Drink Recipe Information

17.19% – Industry Information


What is your favorite American and Canadian Whisk(e)y? Part-1 Bourbons.

31.51% – Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

19.37% – Maker’s Mark Kentucky Homemade Bourbon

6.82% – Jim Bean: 4 years old and 80 proof

What is your favorite American and Canadian Whisk(e)y? Part-2 More Choices.

36.29% – Crown Royal (Canadian Whiskey): 80 proof.

24.15% – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey: Black Label: 86 proof. Green Label: 80 proof, available only in the U.S. Gentleman Jack: 80 proof.

9.41% – Seagram 7 Crown (part of that famous drink 14 – Seven and Seven)


What is your favorite Apéritif ?

53.83% – Jagermeister (German): Composed of 56 botanicals, including citrus peel, aniseed, licorice, poppy seeds, saffron, ginger, juniper berries, and ginseng.

17.49% – Campari (Italian): A unique combination of fruits, spices, herbs, and roots.

6.28% – Dubonnet (American): Produced in California and available in blond and red. Serve chilled.


What is your favorite Armagnac?

35.16% – None of the above

25.44% – Armagnac Lapostolle X.O. is matured for over 30 years.

20.66% – Janneau produces: V.S.O.P., Selection (aged 8 to 10 years), and Reserve de la Maison. A 1966 vintage is also sold.


What is your favorite Cachaça?

22.85% – Other brand

20.08% – Cabana Cachaca.

17.73% – Boca Loca Premium.


What is your favorite Cognac?

35.52% – Hennessy produces: V.S., Privilège, X.O., Private Reserve 1873, and Paradis Extra and Richard Hennessy.

26.09% – Courvoisier produces: VS, VSOP Fine Champagne, VSOP Exclusif, Napoleon Fine Champagne, XO Imperial, Initiale Extra, Succession 3S and L’Espirt de Courvoiser.

22.68% – Remy Martin produces: Grand Cru, VSOP, 1783 Accord Royal, XO Excellence, Extra, Louis XIII de Remy Martin.


What is your favorite Cordial or Liqueur?

12.01% – Grand Marnier is made from wild oranges and cognac.

10.78% – Baileys Irish Cream is made from fresh dairy cream, Irish whiskey, and natural flavorings. The Irish whiskey acts as a preservative for the cream, which is why Baileys doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It also comes in a Caramel and Mint chocolate.

8.19% – Amaretto is an almond-flavored cordial.


Which Cordial line do you think is the best?

58.97% – DeKuyper

13.68% – Marie Brizard

12.82% – Hiram Walker


What is your favorite Flavored vodka?

15.33% – Vanilla

8.70% – Cherry

6.91% – Pomegranate


What is your favorite Gin?

37.65% – Bombay Sapphire: Conceived by Michel Roux, when President of Carillon Importers, Sapphire has more natural botanical ingredients than any other gin.

28.51% – Tanqueray: Its unique green bottle is said to be inspired by an English fire hydrant.

9.41% – Tanqueray 10: A super premium gin from Tanqueray with a blend of fresh botanicals, including grapefruit and camomile. It’s distilled four times.


What is your favorite Irish Whiskey?

62.48% – Jameson Irish Whiskey is the world’s largest selling Irish whiskey. It’s aged for 12 years and made from pure Irish water and a combination of malted and unmalted Irish barley. Jameson Gold is a blend of rare Irish whiskeys, which range in age from 8 to 20 years.

20.19% – Bushmills produces Bushmills Premium, Black Bush Special, Bushmills Single Malt (10 years old), Bushmills Rare Single Irish Malt (16 years old), and a 21-year-old Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

6.96% – Tullamore Dew is famous for the slogan,


What is your favorite Rum?

27.69% – Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum (Puerto Rico). They also make a Silver Spiced, and a Private stock.

25.38% – Bacardi (Puerto Rico). The largest-selling liquor in the world.

6.55% – Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay offers coconut, mango, pineapple and passion fruit flavored rums.


What is your favorite Scotch Whisky?

13.64% – Dewar’s and Dewar’s 12 year old.

13.51% – Chivas Regal.

10.50% – Johnny Walker Blue.


What is your favorite Tequila and Mezcal?

45.70% – Patron: Available in Añejo, silver and Gran Platium versions, all containing 100-percent blue agave.

19.37% – Jose Cuervo: The world’s oldest and largest tequila maker and the oldest spirit company in North America. Available in these versions : Especial, Clasico, Tradicional, Black and Reserva De La Famila, and also three flavors: Oranjo (orange), Citrico (citrus) and Tropina (pineapple).

10.50% – Don Julio Tequila.


What is your favorite Vodka?

15.01% – Grey Goose (original vodka): From France, made from fine grain and mineral water that’s naturally filtered with champagne limestone.

12.41% – Ketel One: From Holland, Ketel One is handmade in small batches according to the techniques and secret family recipe developed by the Nolet family over 300 years ago.

10.91% – Absolut (original): From Sweden.


What would like to see on in the future?

30.74% – More Cocktail Recipes.

29.78% – History of bartenders, cocktails and more.

14.21% – More Contests.


Which of the following magazines do you read?

55.46% – BARTENDER Magazine

21.01% – Nightclub & Bar Magazine

9.92% – Cheers On Premise


Who do you like in the 2008 Presidential race?

52.93% – Sen. Barack Hussein Obama .

47.07% – Sen. John McCain .

2 thoughts on “Top Survey Results From

  1. Sara Kase says:

    This is a great survey! Good to know what all the bartenders are doing….

    awesome BLOG!!!

  2. LeslieLu says:

    Very informative survey indeed. You should add a best new products category. I bet Ultimat Vodka, Patron’s new launch, would do well. They’ve got good drink recipes at their site too:

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