Bartender Vs. Mixologist

Have you ever heard anybody at a bar say, “Hey Mixologist, can I get a scotch and soda?”

The answer, of course, is no. But I was in a bar recently, and I asked the bartender, “How long have you been a bartender?” And the answer was, “Well, I’m really a mixologist. I’ve been doing this for three months now.”

Why are certain people trying to make bartending into a class-conscious brotherhood? I remember when we were all bartenders, and loyal to each other. Now a certain group wants to say, “You can be a Mixologist, A Master Mixologist, A Master-Pourer, A Cocktail Guru, A Drink Chef, whatever.”

Why are they trying to put is in different classes? It is quite ridiculous, and annoying. And as the owner of BARTENDER magazine for 30 years, I find it insulting. Now the Bartenders Guild thinks they’re the ones who should say whether you’re a Mixologist, a Master Mixologist, or Bartender.

Who  the hell are they? And more importantly, who the hell is anyone? Call yourself whatever youwant – but please, if you’re going to be in this realm, don’t insult the 145,000 readers of BARTENDER magazine, and the 200,000 real, hardworking 60 hour a week bartenders who don’t have time to be phony. Give me the good old bartenders who know their skills, who know how to make great cocktails and serve people.

Today we’re looking for great service, great cocktails, a fair price – and of course, creativity.

But please – I BEG YOU, PLEASE – if you’re into all this, I suggest not going to, but

This industry was always full of loyalty amongst bartenders, and fun. We recognize people in the Bartender Hall of Fame for what they did to the community, and what they did for bartending in general.

Never was this meant to put people in different classes. Never.

Less than 1% – or should I say 1% of 1% are like this. The rest of us work hard, long hours, and give our customers a great cocktail.

And when someone says “Hey, Bartender,” we turn around and serve them. Most of the time, we don’t turn around at all -w e’re already serving them.


You’re only as good as your last job.

4 thoughts on “Bartender Vs. Mixologist

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  2. […] the word “mixologist” has a decent amount of history behind it, not that it stops the discussion. Just don’t say bar-chef. That’ll get you a […]

  3. […] the word “mixologist” has a decent amount of history behind it, not that it stops the discussion. Just don’t say bar-chef. That’ll get you a […]

  4. scott souza says:

    does anyone now a drink called vilet fields, and whow to make it?

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