Booze Business

I’ve been a fan of Bartender Magazine (and the website) since my first day in the booze business. So it’s no surprise that I would turn to Ray Foley and ask to introduce you to my website

I’m Arthur Shapiro and I’ve been on the manufacturer side of the spirits business for over 25 years. I started with the Seagram Company (including a long stint as head of US marketing) and when their lights went out, stayed in the booze biz as a marketing consultant to the top companies. I put up this blog so I can share some industry insights, great stories and say what’s on my mind.

Over the years I’ve learned that if you want to know what’s going on in the market, talk with the men and women behind the bar. And, if you want to talk to bartenders, then do it through Bartender Magazine.

Check it out, you might enjoy. Oh, and let me hear from you.


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