Best Drinking Songs

The best drinking songs to accompany that Tall Boy? They’re found in country music, of course. The Boot counts down the 25 best country drinking songs of all time. These aren’t just songs about boozing — they’re the ones you love to sing along to at your favorite watering hole … given enough liquid courage.

Beer Run
Garth BrooksGeorge Jones (2001)

Cheers-worthy lines: “Half a dozen cases doesn’t last that long / Come tomorrow morning it’ll be all gone / It’s turn around, leave town, sounds again / Like a B-double E-double are you in?”

Jones was an obvious pick for this duet. Back in his notoriously alcohol-fueled days, his wife hid his car keys so he couldn’t go buy booze. But she forgot about his riding lawn mower, which he famously drove on a beer run.


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