Thank You

I’d like to thank everybody – well, almost everybody – for their comments. Feel free to write your opinions on another subject for the next eblast.

Write your own editorial. But please, stay away from calling people ‘ignorant’ or ‘stupid.’

Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. My opinion about cocktails being too complicated is mainly in magazines when they say to use some foreign ingredients that no one can find. Of course I respect signature cocktails and I think they’re an excellent idea.

On the subject of raw eggs: they are a matter of taste, I agree. In fact I love Caesar salad. But I don’t think it’s smart to take a chance in a restaurant. You are risking someone’s business. But then again, it’s up to the owner. Whether it’s a virus or a bacteria, salmonella is still gross and can make you sick. By the way, I like steak tartare too!  

So let’s move on.

Thank you all for your opinions and critcisms. Now let’s hear some great suggestions for the industry!


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