The Michelangelo

For cocktail connoisseurs, finding something new and yet delectable can be a challenge, especially in midtown Manhattan.  The secret to success is knowing where to go.

Quietly re-launched this summer, Insieme Lounge at The Michelangelo is debuting a signature drink menu featuring Italian twists on cocktail classics.  Paying homage to the Italian commitment of stellar gastronomic experiences, imbibers will find that meticulous care was taken when crafting each offering right down to garnishes.  Must trys include:

  • Martini di Parma – The classic vodka or gin and olive juice concoction is augmented with a homemade touch:  prosciutto and mozzarella stuffed olives, which are all made by hand, in-house
  • Cosmo Italiano – Nonino Grappa, Grand Marnier, lime, and a splash of cranberry
  • La Dolce Vita Martini – Crisp mix of Ketel One, Limoncello, and citrus juices

And for those who seek something more traditional, Insieme Lounge has the ultimate offering.  Named for the hotel’s location, the 51st and 7th  is an exclusive take on the Manhattan, featuring the highly sought-after, small-batch Hudson Manhattan Rye and Antica vermouth garnished with dried currants.

While a copy of the full menu and images of each cocktail are available upon request, tastings can also be arranged to provide the opportunity for first-hand reviews.


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