Question For Bartenders!

Cheryl asked:

What’s the best way to store cut bar lemons so they will last longer?  Mine turn to mush by the next day, even though I store them in an air tight container and keep them chilled.  Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Question For Bartenders!

  1. pouringpro says:

    That is a tough one as sliced citrus usually last maybe a day before they soften up.
    Have you tried club soda? I know it retards the spoilage of apple slices. I use it to avoid the lemon flavor you get when lemon juice is used to protect apple slices. The result is a clean apple taste for Appletini apple slices that are used for garnishing. But have not tested to see how long it protects color. Usually keep them soaking
    and don’t cut but a few at a time.

  2. Juan says:

    First. When cutting the limes or lemons for the bar, use a sharp knife, the sharper the better. And no, don’t use a serrated knife. The oxidation proces that causes the browning of the fruit starts when you tare the molecules of the fruit, so if the cut is a clean sharp cut the oxidation proces takes longer to beging. Second, go to GNC or any vitamin place and buy Ascorbic acid. This is pure vitamin c in powder form, this will help you maintain the garnishes fresh in the bar. 1 tbsp of ascorbic acid in a cup of water, mix and pour over the fruit, just a little bit of water dont drown the fruit.

    Hope This help.

    Juan Rosado
    NY Restaurant Solutions.

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