2011: A Remarkable Year For Cognac

New figures issued by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac show that the world’s most celebrated AOC eau-de-vie confirmed its healthy position in 2011 with outstanding growth of 6.4% compared to 2010. Cognac has once again broken its previous records in terms of volume and value.

Over 5 bottles of Cognac are sold around the world every second.
Shipments of Cognac during 2011 exceeded the previous annual record by reaching 455,958 hectolitres of pure alcohol, equivalent to162.9 million bottles.
Sales exceeded 2 billion Euros.
The rise in volume was accompanied by an increase in the shipments of higher quality Cognacs (XO up by 15.3% and VSOP up by 7.9% over the year), resulting in a substantial increase in turnover that now exceeds 2 billion Euros. 
Balance of Cognac markets across the world

  • The Far East*, representing 35.8% of the world market in volume (+14.4% during 2011), is dominated by higher categories of Cognac and confirmed its position as Cognac’s biggest market in volume and value. China, in particular, saw yet another surge in consumption. Growth of 20.1% over the year put the total number of bottles sold in China at 22.6 million.
  • NAFTA*, accounting for 31.2% of the world market in volume, continues to be buoyant. The region showed an increase of 3.2% in 2011 in comparison to 2010 and the USA remains the single biggest importer of Cognac in the world. The country brought in 48.4 million bottles in 2011. 
  • Europe*, with 28.8% of the word market in volume, remains stable.

Cognac professionals are thrilled by these results, which confirm the appellation’s vitality in the face of today’s uncertain economic and financial times.
According to the BNIC, all those involved in the production of Cognac are delighted at the excellent results for the AOC in 2011 but remain vigilant as to the future, given the current economic and financial uncertainties.


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