U.S. Spirits Consumption Continues 14th Year of Gains; Higher End Products See Growth On-Premise

NORWALK, Conn., July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In 2011, the spirits industry had the best performance since the economic downturn began.  Price-friendly products maintained their solid presence, and higher-end brands continued their climb back to pre-recession levels.  According to The Beverage Information Group’s Liquor Handbook 2012, these factors contributed to the spirits market expanding 3.4% in 2011.  Imports continued to outpace domestics, rising 5.0% to 81.5 million cases.  There was a 2.3% gain for domestics, reaching 117.2 million cases for the year.  

Higher end products have been strong as the spirits market returns to premiumization.  Young adult consumers are fueling this trend as they seek the flavor appeal and status associated with consuming them. The “trading down” popular in past years has subsided, and the on-premise has been trending toward premium and super-premium brands.  The on-premise is back on track for the second year, with retail dollar sales increasing 3.0% in 2011 and generating 51.5% of total distilled spirits sales.

Another trend that continues to flourish is the rise of the craft distillery.  “The number of craft distillers in production has grown from 24 to 234 since 2000,” according to Adams Rogers, Senior Research Analyst for The Beverage Information Group, Norwalk, Conn.  “These smaller companies are fulfilling the desire for artesian spirits and reaching consumers that larger distillers cannot.” 

The latest edition of the Liquor Handbook now features information on the craft distillers market, including the number of craft distillers by product category, the number of craft distillers by state and more.

The 2012 Liquor Handbook is one of the most comprehensive sources of information on U.S. spirits and sales trends.  It includes consumption and projection information by category and by market; tracks leading brands and reports historical data.

The 2012 Liquor Handbook is $925; handbook with CD is $1,125.  Shipping and handling is $15 for U.S. orders; $25 for international orders.  The publications can be purchased at www.bevinfostore.com or by calling Cynthia Porter at (630) 762-8709.


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