VinniBag is the Perfect Gift for Any Traveler, Wine Lover, or Foodie


Inflatable bag provides protection for delicate gifts during transport


VENTURA, CA – 2012 – Avoid holiday travel woes like broken gifts and ruined luggage with VinniBag, the most reliable way to travel with liquids and breakables. Whether in a suitcase, backpack or car trunk, VinniBag can transport anything from wine, spirits and gourmet goodies to perfume, collectibles and fragile keepsakes. VinniBag is a unique and functional gift or stocking stuffer for any frequent traveler, collector, wine lover or gourmet enthusiast, and is sure to last for many journeys.


VinniBag us easy to use and inflates with just a few breaths. Air chambers conform to the contents, so even multiple smaller items like perfumes and olive oil are isolated and held securely. The reusable liquid-dry seal guards against leaks or spills, protecting both the fragile item inside and the cherished clothing surrounding.


Pair a VinniBag with your favorite bottle of wine and give the perfect holiday gift or give a VinniBag by itself as the ultimate stocking stuffer.


Both the sophisticated design and high-quality materials of the VinniBag make it a durable travel accessory with a multitude of uses. VinniBag is TSA friendly and has been independently tested for fluctuations in altitude and temperature. The translucent material allows for visual inspection without opening, and stores flat, rolled, or folded when not in use. VinniBag is 100 percent American made, recyclable, and produced by a women-owned company.


To learn more about this exclusive holiday gift, visit 


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