Holiday Cocktails!

Pretty, Pretty, Please!!!!! Maker’s 46, Maraschino Liquor, Melleti Chocolate Liquor, Cousin Carlo’s house made cherry juice & a cream float. Served up with a cherry on top!

 Pretty, Pretty, Please!!!!!

1½oz. Makers 46

¾oz. Melleti Chocolate

¾oz. Marachino Liqour

¾oz. CC’s Cherry Juice

Shaken Cream Float

Speared CC’s Cherry



Hott Tea w/ Lemon A heated mixture of tea-infused Maker’s 46 mixed with barenjager honey liquor, fresh lemon juice, Served in a snifter.

 Hott Tea w/ Lemon

2oz. Tea Infused Makers 46

½oz. Barenjager

¾oz. Lemon Juice

2oz. Hot Water

Lemon Wedge

Granny Snifter


Jalisco Manhattan Scorpion Mezcal mixed with orange oil, Pineau de Charantes & a dash of barrel aged bitters. Garnished with candied rosemary & properly stirred. Served up or on the rocks.

 Jalisco Manhattan

2½oz. Orange Infused Mezcal

1½oz. Pineau de Charantes

Dash Barrel Aged Bitters

Candied Rosemary

Large Rocks/Martini


Moonshine Punch Cranberry Shine, Cinnamon –Infused Rye, amaretto, black walnut bitters and pome juice. Cousin Billy Joe-Bob strikes again…Served in a mason jar with moonshine cranberries.

 Moonshine Punch

1.5oz. Cran Midnight Moon

1oz. Cinnamon Infused Whiskey

½oz. Amaretto

3oz. Pom Juice

Dash Black Walnut Bitters

Speared Shine Cranberry

Mason Jar


The Violette Dream…. you won’t want to wake up. Nolet’s Gin, Lillet & Barenjager shaken with the violette liquor. Served up with a turbinado rim.

 The Violette Dream…

1½oz. Nolets

1oz. Lillet

1oz. Barenjager

¾oz. Violette Liqour

Turbinado Rim



Pear-fection A blend of  Double Cross Vodka, poire liqueur, apple pucker, pineapple juice, and a champagne topper. Served up with a baby pear.


1oz. Double Cross Vodka

¾oz. Apple Pucker

¾oz. Poire

¾oz. Pineapple Juice

Topped with Bubbly

Baby Pear Garnish



Pimm’s Fruit Cup Pimm’s No.1, Apple Moonshine, Pierre Ferrand 1840  & cider. Served up with cinnamon apple cubes. 

 Pimm’s Fruit Cup

2 .5oz Pimm’s No.1

1oz Apple Moonshine

.5oz Pierre Ferrand 1840

3oz Apple Cider

Speared Cinnamon Apple Cubes



A Cup of Joe Not your everyday Seattle brew! Espresso bean infused Sailor Jerry blended with organic vanilla syrup & 5yr old maderia. Served…How else?   In a coffee mug with grown-up cream and sugar on the side.

 A Cup of Joe

1½oz.Esspresso Infused Sailor Jerry

¾oz. Café Mocha

½oz. Organic Vanilla Syrup

Dash Madera

½oz. Rumchatta on side

Rock Candy Stick

Glass Mug


The Bitter Saint He’s just mad because he doesn’t get to have any fun.     A phenomenal blend of St. Germaine, Cynar, sage and limonata. Served on the rocks with fresh herbs.

 The Bitter Saint

1½oz. Saint Germaine

½oz. Cynar

1oz. Sage Spirit

Topped with Limonata

Sage herbs

Large Rocks


Napoleon’s Nightmare…….. Amiricaan’s mixing brandy with what?!?!. Ratafia, Cassis & Suze. On the rocks with Cousin Carlo’s maraschino cherries.

Napolen’s Nightmare

1oz. Ratafia

1oz. Suze

1oz. Casis

Topped with Bubbly

CC’s Cherry

Small Cooler



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