Limited Release Features Hand-Made Bottles


Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky unveiled Old Pulteney 40 Year Old, the oldest official bottling in its line of single malts. A limited number of bottles will be available for purchase in the United States. Adding to its rarity, each bottle of the 40 Year Old is hand-blown, making it one-of-a-kind, with a silver “wave” effect created by melting solid silver and blowing inside the glass.


The malt’s app earance is rich amber with a red hue and the taste is fruity and floral with hints of orange, green apples and butterscotch. It is sweet and spicy with traces of toffee and pears, full with sherry notes and has a long-lasting finish.


“The Old Pulteney 40 Year Old is among the most exclusive of our single malts ever to be released and is a very special addition to our Old Pulteney line,” said Patrick Graney. “Following the enthusiastic response to the 21 Year Old after it was crowned the 2012 World Whisky of the Year in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, I am confident whisky enthusiasts will enjoy the exquisite taste and presentation of the 40 Year Old.”


Old Pulteney Distillery Manager, Malcolm Waring and Distillery Visitor Center Manager, Tanya Fraser hand-filled each bottle. The package is a one-of-a-kind, glass lacquered wooden gift box with an engraved silver herring drifter brand logo. The box also contains a hand-signed book written by whisky expert, Charlie MacLean. The Old Pulteney 40 Year Old has an extremely limited availability at a retail price of $2,400. Visit Old Pulteney on Facebook or at www.oldpulteney.com.




About Old Pulteney

Referred to as “The Maritime Malt,” Old Pulteney embodies the genuine seafaring history and heritage of Scotland. The distillery is one of the oldest and operates in Wick, the most northerly point of the Scottish mainland. The distillery was founded in 1826 by James Henderson at the height of Wick’s herring boom and lies in the heart of “Pulteneytown,” which was one of the largest and most important herring fishing ports in Europe. Old Pulteney has a long standing association with the sea and is the official scotch of U.S. Sailing. Its carefully crafted taste carries the windswept and rugged character of the North, the salty and fresh air of the North Sea, and the distillery’s rich maritime heritage runs through every drop of this fine malt. The 12 Year Old and 17 Year Old expressions are also available in the United States.



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