CAMUS Cognac Commemorates 150 Years of Family Cognac Making

Introducing the Cuvee 5.150 — the Spirit of Living Tradition

NEW YORK, March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of five generations of cognac blending mastery and 150 years of artistic craftsmanship, CAMUS (pronunciation: “Kah-moo”), the last independent, family-owned Cognac house and fifth largest worldwide, is proud to announce the release of an historic cognac, the Cuvee 5.150 from the CAMUS “Masterpiece Collection.” This truly unique and exceptional cognac is a perfect union of distinguished and rare eaux-de-vie. A homage to heritage and innovation, the Cuvee 5.150 is available in a limited edition, numbered, Baccarat crystal decanter with a suggested retail price of $13,500.

The Cuvee 5.150 will be available nationwide this Spring and comes complete with the “Ultimate Sample”–100mls of the liquid, taken by the cellar master just before the decanters were filled in the presence of a baliff, as mandated by French law. The alcohol/volume is 45.5%. The offering comes in a stunning, black lacquer, wooden case designed with brushed steel plaque and individually numbered.

Since its founding in 1863, the House of CAMUS has perfected unparalleled know-how and quality that has been handed down from father to son over five generations. This new majestic blend is the culmination of the mission Cyril CAMUS, President and General Manager of CAMUS, set for himself: to discover the very rarest eaux-de-vie and offer it to connoisseurs. “When you taste an exceptional cognac, you are left with a lasting memory, and this is precisely what we were thinking of when we blended the Cuvee 5.150,” says Cyril CAMUS. “In our 150(th) year, we wanted to be respectful of our past while resolutely looking towards our future. The Cuvee 5.150 is a tribute to how each generation has built on the skills of the previous one and breathed new life into enduring traditions.”

Living Tradition: The Cuvee 5.150

Like an unforgettable, heady perfume, the nose of this extraordinary cognac exudes a subtle aroma of vanilla, enhanced by green wood and spice and evolves towards more exotic notes before ending with hints of candied lemon and rancio. To the palate, the Cuvee 5.150 asserts its liveliness, and gains momentum with vanilla notes that become gradually creamier and milkier; ripe fruit, especially apricot and pear are gradually revealed and alternate with exotic fruit (mango, passion fruit) and a light touch of sweet almond. At the finish, which is long and soft, the palate is left with a memory of dried fruits whereby the rancio develops into a fruity, delicately oaked taste.The Cuvee 5.150 is an honest, open invitation to pleasure, and simple to appreciate in terms of both its composition and its age and should be enjoyed neat.

The Chapters

The Cuvee 5.150 is a journey through time and artistic excellence culminating in a cognac that exemplifies the family quest for perfection to the eye, nose and palate. This exceptional cognac has earned its name from the refined blend of five extraordinary cognacs – representative of each generation that has contributed to the CAMUS story – and aged for a total of 150 years.

Jean-Baptiste CAMUS (1835-1901) is “the Builder” with an independent spirit. His temperament is embodied in an eau-de-vie from the Bons Bois growth. Chosen for its nimble structure this 37-year old cognac is potent and sturdy.

Bringing an air of adventure and discovery, Gaston CAMUS (1865 – 1945) first initiated selling his cognacs in glass bottles and became the
official supplier to the Imperial Court of Russia. Homage to this era is
paid by a 22-year old Fins Bois with a smooth and keen character. Ushering in a time of expansion, the CAMUS name is carried beyond all barriers, under the leadership of the Michel CAMUS (1911 – 1985). The pleasant length and suppleness of a 37-year old Petite Champagne eau-de-vie pays tribute to his foresight.

With Jean-Paul CAMUS (1945 – ), the house solidified its reputation for exceptional cognac and acquired new vineyards within the Borderies growth – the birthplace of the CAMUS family. The body of this 22-year old Borderies eau-de-vie brings a sense of harmony to the Cuvee 5.150. Cyril CAMUS (1971 – ) is now setting new standards for superior quality thanks to his ancestors and his own personal drive. In honor of this

fifth chapter, the ultimate finesse of this 32-year old eau-de-vie from Grand Champagne is an obvious choice to bring an upward, distinct movement to the Cuvee 5.150 blend.

About CAMUS Wines & Spirits
The fifth largest cognac producer in the world, CAMUS is reaping the rewards of the innovative and strategic initiatives introduced in 2003 by its forward-thinking President, Cyril CAMUS – the fifth generation of the CAMUS family at the head of the brand.

Committed to create enjoyment through the “Finer Things in Life”, CAMUS sells distinctive, authentic and high-quality products in nearly every country in the world, including most international airports and on board many international airlines, with a network of over 200 duty-free partners, covering more than 4,000 shops worldwide.

In 2012, the CAMUS Group’s turnover reached 150 million Euros, an astonishing three-fold increase since 2009. Employing 500 people around the world, the House of CAMUS has subsidiaries in China and the United States as well as offices in Russia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Over the past 150 years, CAMUS has developed expertise, skills, relationships, and an extensive network of producers, importers and wholesalers enabling the group to reach clients worldwide. As a result, the group has successfully expanded its portfolio and has become the distributor and local retailer of a wide variety of acclaimed fine wines, champagnes and spirits such as Domaine Pinnacle, the world leader in ice apple wine, or the famous Calvados Berneroy apple brandy and recently Armagnacs with Chateau de Laubade. The company is also the worldwide Duty-Free exclusive distributor of Moutai Small Batch Blend – the most popular and most prestigious Chinese spirit.

A true ambassador of the French Art de Vivre, CAMUS is the only cognac brand to have launched retail stores China, offering its growing audience not just expert recommendations on fine wines and spirits but also tasting sessions with grand cru wines and the rarest cognacs. In 2010, the company opened the Maison CAMUS Lounge in Beijing, an exclusive private club where members can explore the superlative range of products represented by CAMUS, enjoy French gourmet cuisine and create their own bespoke cognacs under the guidance of a Master Blender.

CAMUS remains committed above all to its people, to the fairness of its partnerships, to servicing the brands it produces or represents, and to defending its values: respect, passion and ambition.


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