Social Blends put out a press release at the beginning of the month announcing 20L Slim Lizzy Keg Cocktails in order to please female customers.  Read the press release below to find out more.

“The craft beer explosion has been great for on premise tap sales, but the problem is most of the offerings are geared toward male customers. According to Rich Simon, COO/CMO of Social Blends, “ There is a whole consumer base of females looking for a low alcohol and low calorie adult beverage priced in line with tap beer. Slim Lizzy Pub Cocktails provides the simple solution for bar owners.”

The 20L Slim Lizzy Lo-Cal Keg Cocktails come in 100% recyclable Pub Kegs, so no exchange program is needed. The Pub Kegs operate on traditional keg lines and are serviced the same as beer lines, so no new equipment is needed. “The bars we have tested in have exceeded expectations with minimal POS about the program. $5 a pint for a Slim Lizzy Cocktail is a real attractive price point for females looking for something a little more sophisticated than a light beer.” said Sean McGirr, CEO.

ImageSlim Lizzy’s Cocktails contain half the calories of the leading national “skinny” brand. They are only 45 calories per 4.5 oz serving — the lowest calorie RTD on the market. The branding and formulation is geared toward female patrons and much better tasting than what is currently available on the market.

Slim Lizzy Cocktails fills a huge void in the bar and restaurant industry. In addition, being a wine based product, limited licensed venues can offer cocktail type beverages with Slim Lizzy. According to Rich Simon, “We focused on low alcohol, low calorie so our customers can enjoy an evening with friends without worrying about over indulging. The Pub Kegs are great items for fast casual restaurants with beer and wine licenses.”

Slim Lizzy’s Keg Cocktails are available in Margarita and Cosmopolitan. The company has a full on premise POS program to drive awareness to the brand. Social Blends distribution network is predominately beer distributors experienced in on-premise keg programs. To further drive consumer awareness Slim Lizzy is offered at retail in resealable/freezable single serve pouch and 750 mL glass bottles.

Based on the quick success of Slim Lizzy’s Cocktails, Social Blends is looking to expand their horizons with several other groundbreaking beverages that fit the female consumer needs both on and off premise.”

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