Sfiro is a package filled with purified water that, when frozen, produces a crystal-clear, racquetball-sized ice sphere meant to be combined with top-shelf liquors, crafted cocktails and other drinks. The ice has no taste and its spherical shape significantly reduces the rate of water dilution in the drink.



Taste Free – The water used is purified so it contains no impurities, additives or minerals so will not alter the flavor of the cocktail.


Efficient – The size and spherical shape of the ice ball ensure that less surface area is exposed to the liquid allowing it to melt significantly slower than traditional cubes.


Clean – The packaging has been meticulously engineered so that no human hands need to touch the ice prior to serving. It can only be used once and may be recycled in a manner similar to traditional water bottles.


The launch of Sfiro ties in well with the growing trend in On Premise to customize ice according to the type of cocktail being served. Sfiro provides a convenient and cost effective way for bars and restaurants to provide customized, purified clean ice to their customers.

Sfiro costs just $0.50 per sphere and will be sold into accounts in cases of 24 spheres, at $12 per case.

Sfiro will launch in Miami, at the end of November 2013. The brand is targeting upscale bars and restaurants that serve crafted cocktails or sell premium beverages including aged scotch, single malts, small batch bourbons and dark rums. Once the brand is seeded in Miami the goal is to then quickly expand into other cosmopolitan markets such as New York, Boston and Chicago.

For more information regarding this product please email info@elebev.com


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