September 20th is National Punch Day

George Thorogood preferred to drink alone, but let’s face it—drinking with a
group is much more fun! Punch is a must-have party libation that helps bring
people together—who doesn’t love a gorgeous punch bowl topped off with
delicious fruits?  Here are some great punch recipes perfect for National
Punch Day on September 20th guaranteed to make any party memorable!

Elements of Nature Punch (serves 20)

Elements of Nature

1 bottle of Sobieski Toasted Coconut Vodka (750 ml)

17 oz. apple cider

8 ½ oz. lemon juice

6 dashes Lucid Absinthe

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl.  Give a quick stir.  Garnish
with apple slice and grated cinnamon.

The Livin’s Easy Punch
(serves 20)

The Livin's Easy Punch

1 bottle of Sobieski Vodka (750 ml)

12 ¾  oz. crème de cassis

16 oz. cold water

17 oz. orange juice

8 ½  oz. fresh lime juice

25.4 oz. (3/4 of a 1-liter bottle) ginger ale

Funnel all ingredients except ginger ale into a large sealable plastic
container. Shake to incorporate all ingredients. Allow to chill in fridge for
30 minutes, or make it up to one day in advance. Serve in 5 oz. cups

Classic CAMUS
Punch (serves 20)

CAMUS Classic Punch

750ml CAMUS VS Cognac

6 oz. sugar

3 lemons, peel only (no pith)

6 oz. lemon juice

1 liter water

nutmeg, freshly grated

Muddle sugar and lemon peel, wait 1 hour. Muddle again, then add lemon juice.
Stir to dissolve sugar. Add spirit, stir and taste for balance.  Add water
& nutmeg before serving. Garnish with lemon slices if you wish.  Ladle
into a cocktail glass or holiday mug.

Adapted from Punch by David Wondrich

Trafalgar Punch (serves

Trafalgar Punch

12 oz. Taylor Fladgate 10 year-old Tawny Port

8 oz. Laressingle VSOP Armagnac

4 oz. Wray & Nephew White Overproof rum

The peel of 3 lemons, cut in wide spirals with a vegetable peeler

¾ cup sugar

6 oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice

24 oz. water

1 whole nutmeg

In a 3-quart punch bowl, muddle the lemon peels with sugar and let it sit for
at least an hour. Then stir in the lemon juice.

Recipe by David Wondrich


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