Chattanooga Whiskey

Hello Whiskey Friends! For the past couple of months, we have been hard at work setting our path for the future and constructing a plan to bring whiskey back to Chattanooga the best way we can. Today, we are excited to share with you everything we have been up to. 

The Tennessee Stillhouse

At the top of our list has been our tireless effort of planning and executing on the Tennessee Stillhouse. For the past couple of months we have been extremely impressed with the progress from our architect, Thomas Palmer. We think the finished product will be everything we could have ever wished for and believe that Chattanooga will see a large positive impact from this development. 

Without further adieu, we are pleased to present the first drawing of the Tennessee Stillhouse. 

This four story experience will be complete with custom distilling equipment from our friends over at Vendome Copper and Brass Works. Just last week we placed the order for the first legal distilling equipment in over 100 years. Among the equipment include four 2,700 gallon fermentation tanks and the star of it all— a breathtakingly beautiful continuous still made from copper that will stand 30 feet tall and 12 inches in diameter. We’re getting chills just thinking about it. Demolition and construction will start by the end of Spring 2014 with a projected opening of Spring 2015. 

So, what else have we been up to?

Vote Whiskey!

We welcomed Jon Lawrence into our Whiskey Family in February, and he’s been hard at work spreading the word about Chattanooga Whiskey all across the Southeast. When Jon came on board we realized we needed a way to tell the story of Chattanooga Whiskey; was the best way to do that. 

An actual image of Jon, out in the wild:

When we launched the Vote Whiskey campaign back in 2012, our main goal was to change the 100-year-old distillery prohibition law. However, we knew that the spirit of Vote Whiskey was much more than voting to change the law, or even drinking Chattanooga Whiskey, it was about bringing a community together and creating change for the greater good. 

Today, we hope to bring the spirit of Vote Whiskey back through and share it with the world. We hope it inspires all those who are passionate and encourages them to push back for what they believe in. Vote Whiskey is our raise of the glass to the future and a dare to all who see it to change the rules, again. 

Rules are good. Change them. Follow @ChattWhiskey on Twitter and join the conversation #VoteWhiskey. 

Keep up with Jon’s Whiskey Adventures by following him on Twitter, @WhiskeyTraveler

Until next time- 

Ashley and the Chattanooga Whiskey Team



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